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Poem: "Confessions from a Bathroom: Happiness is One Flush Away"

I have spent months in this bathroom, okay, maybe years looking in the mirror, wallowing in tears.

In my reflection I saw the death of many things:

love, respect,friendship, and my childhood dreams,

but I'll make this confession right here and now

to clear my conscience as much as time allows.

Anger, hate, jealousy, and fear

have made their final appearance this year,

so I'll stand up and wipe all this off my ass

and quite possibly lacking in dignity and class.

I refuse to no longer allow them to stay

because happiness is only one flush away.

I forgive all the imperfections within myself,

and I forgive my parents for their lack of wealth.

My husband and anyone else that decided to turn away;

I realize there is nothing I could have done to make them stay.

I realize all the misfortunes that God has given me

were instead blessings, for I should be thankful and on my knees.

I will take blame for all the wrongs I have done,

but I refuse to let them keep me from walking in the sun.

Self-pity, you have done me no good,

so Self, I forgive you no matter where you have stood.

If other humans cannot see the beauty of the angles I see.

It is clear that I do not want them to stand next to me.

Grief, shame, guilt, and doubt

all just need to come out.

Life is full of shit,

but we need to get rid of it.

When you think people are pissing on you,

all you need to do is move.

Peace, love, and hope is what the hippies say,

but they know what it takes to keep negativity at bay.

Your life's purpose is what it is all about and not

waiting for someone who has his own agenda to hear you out.

Some take pleasure in ruining your day,

but screw them because happiness is only one flush away.

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