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Late Fees

Imagine waking up at 4:30am and working all day long at job #1, and then, when you get off around 3pm, you immediately head to job #2. When you arrive home around 7pm, you must make sure dinner is cooked for your middle-school aged child whom you hope arrived home safely after school. Then you must check their homework and attempt to clean and/or do work you have left from jobs #1 and #2. Now, try to add your hobbies that give you purpose and meaning, a social life, and sleep. That is what my life had been before the pandemic.

Being a single mother of a diabetic child was no easy task. I would apply for assistance but made too much working one job, so I had to have another job just to pay for insulin pump supplies and blood glucose monitoring materials. I was living from paycheck to paycheck, and a letter about an escrow shortage, an unexpected added medical expense, or a random nail in the road implanting itself into a tire would be a knife straight through my heart. I would ask myself, "Is this all there is to life?" My song "Late Fees" is about my struggle to find meaning in life when all I felt anyone wanted from me was money.

Although most of my songs have a genre that is hard to pin-point, "Late Fees" is country. To generate the sound I was trying to create, I brought on Ben Travis to produce this song, and he recruited Matthew Griffith on the acoustic guitar, Jim Vancleave on the fiddle, and Matthew Crouse on the drums. In addition to the music, a video will be released as well. In this video by Dustin Robichaux, I am joining up with a crew of rag-tag puppets who are making their acting debut. Please make sure you show your support to The Infamous P.I.G., Seal, Cowboy, NBA YoungRabbit, Pinky, Alligator Ali, Monty Monkey, Cedric, and Frieda Frog and watch their video. They worked incredibly hard and really want to be noticed by a magic puppet master.

"Late Fees" is set to be released on Friday, August 27th, 2021, and it will be available on all streaming platforms. Please give it a listen and watch the video when you have a chance.


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