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Two Eagles: Anger

When a marriage ends, oftentimes one person is left with the majority of the responsibilities in parenting. The other person is free to grieve, date freely, and try to move on with their life. The person caring for the children wants to be able to grieve fully, but they cannot. That is the meaning behind "Two Eagles".

One eagle is in a flight of freedom, and the other is in flight on a mission to care for its young back in the nest. It is injured though and cannot go too far because it has not had time to heal due to the fact it has to keep flying. This song is filled with resentment and shock that the other eagle decided to just leave their joint goals and pursue a new goal entirely.

Two Eagles can be downloaded on Bandcamp, CD Baby, Amazon, and similar sites. It can also be streamed on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

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