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Carl Ludders: A Little Ray of Sunshine

This year I am going to be releasing a song called "Text Me if You Can" which was co-written by Carl Ludders, but who is Carl Ludders? Carl Ludders, also known as Alittlerayofsunshine, is a musician that is from Kingston upon Hull, England. Like me, he hates genres and prefers not to pigeon hole himself into one category which is probably why he was one of the first songwriters with which I became fast friends. Before I release anything produced professionally or not, Carl is one of the few people that hear it first. I value Carl as a musician and as a friend. Carl is very shy and humble and does not even realize the amount of talent he possesses.

Carl was taught to play guitar by his uncle, Roy Burnett, who also introduced him to greats like the Beatles and Pink Floyd. Sadly, his uncle passed away at the age of twenty-five due to an incurable illness, but his zest for life still has had an impact on Carl to this day. Since his days with Uncle Roy, Carl has added the bass and keyboards to his repertoire. Carl truly embraces his unique style. Although Carl has always felt like he does not fit in normal society and is at times jealous of people that do not think too deeply about life, he says, "Would I be able to swap writing songs for normal thinking? I don't think so."

Carl has a number of songs in the works, and for years he has been working on a collection called Mid-Life Tales, a series of songs based on aging and how your outlook on life should "apparently" change. Carl admits that he still thinks like he did when he was younger; however, his body disagrees with his mind. Another project Carl is working on is a song we co-wrote called "Text Me if You Can". I knew that I wanted Carl to be on one of my projects from the start, and I am very lucky that he agreed to help me with "Text Me" because Carl Ludders is a very emotive writer and instrumentally his mind goes places that I would never think. When he sent me his additions, I started crying because I could feel the message I wanted to convey in his lyrics.

Carl can be heard on Reverbnation. You should check out some of his music. Carl's latest song was sent to me last week prior to its release, and I have been listening to it on the way to work daily. It is called "I'll Drown in You". Check it out as well as "There She Is", Carl's song about how women give a gift when they bear children.

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