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Giving up on Love for Lent

It was Christmas, and my mom gave me some money to spend on myself. All I wanted to do was write songs, so what did I buy? I bought a Ukulele. I was proud of my instrument and even asked a random stranger in Old Town Bay Saint Louis to take a picture of me holding it. I immediately posted a picture of it on Facebook, and people immediately began to ask when I was going to play it. It did not take long before I was inspired to write a song featuring my new toy.

I was talking to a friend about Valentine's Day, and when I looked to see what day of the week it fell, I was amused to see it was on Lent. The day women were taken out to fancy dinners, given delicious chocolate, and poured glasses of classy wine was the exact day they were not supposed to indulge in such things. It was irony at its finest. I decided that I was going to write a song about giving up love for Lent because I wasn't going to have a date on Valentine's day, but I was going to have a kick ass time regardless.

A few months prior, I was obsessed with finding someone to love me. A flip was switched in late November, and I decided to forget about waiting on a man to tell me he loved me. I am just going to enjoy doing me and quit obsessing over someone

loving me. I do not need that because I know I am kind, fun, intelligent, self-sufficient, and only slightly crazy. If they do not appreciate the precious gift of my time, I do not want to give it because there is so much cool s*** I can do instead. I love who I am, so I do not need validation from another person ever again.

It must be said that I am not really giving up on love, but I am giving up on expecting other people to love me. I am letting go of feeling worthless because I did not meet some person's crazed idealistic expectations or because they did not meet mine. I am saying good bye to giving too much of myself to someone who has not earned my good opinion. A huge albatross was removed from my neck by giving up on false love for Lent.

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