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Shangri La of Bathrooms: Brierton Builders, LLC

Imagine getting a phone call and having someone ask you, "Could I use your bathroom?" That is exactly what Heather Brierton encountered from me. You can imagine her confusion when someone leads off with that question, but she was kind enough to listen to me. Now, she and her husband Tim, owners of Brierton Builders, LLC have made my album cover dreams a reality.

As soon as I finished recording Confessions from a Bathroom in Nashville, I had a vision of videos and photography for my album and songs. I made several posts asking about bathrooms, but as time went by, I was beginning to lose hope of finding one to match my vision. Then, I heard rumors from a friend on social media that the Brierton's had the Shangri-La of bathrooms. I was fortunate enough to get Heather's phone number, and after seeing picures, I knew that is what I wanted.

I was welcomed into the Brierton home and immediately fell in love with the design. It was open, sleek, and modern, yet it had warmth and charm. I could tell that Mr. Brierton loves his houses like a songwriter loves their songs, an artists loves their paintings, or a writer loves their works. We were creating art about art within art which seemed so surreal. The houses that Tim Brierton builds are unique and ooze beauty. Most importantly, Tim and his wife are kind and amazing people. Anyone who ever gets a home built by Brierton Builders, LLC should count themselves lucky.

I am so grateful for the Briertons. Tim and Heather, thank you for letting me use your bathroom.

Peace, Love, Hope, and Unicorns,

Holly Nicole Combs

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