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A Partner in Art, Dustin Robichaux

An independent musician has to do much more than just write and perform music. They have to learn about marketing, distribution, business, public relations, web development, writing, networking, music law, production, visual arts, and much more. On top of all this, you must determine how to pay for everything, how to maintain your day job, how to handle rejection and criticism, and how to maintain a work/life balance. One month after I decided to embark on this journey, I met a man that helped unload some of these burdens named Dustin Robichaux. He has been instrumental in helping me create Confessions from a Bathroom.

Dustin is a graphic artist, photographer, videographer, editor, writer, and those are just a few of his many talents. Many people and organizations have called upon him for his abilities, and he has worked with a number of bands, most notably Mutemath. Dustin does not look at his work as a job, but it is an expression of something much deeper. His photos and videos have underlying meanings and metaphors. He speaks not only with objects in the photo but with colors, angles, lighting, and shadow. You know if Dustin Robichaux is doing any project for you that it is going to be meticulously thought out and convey multiple meanings. Dustin is highly introspective which is why I am so drawn to him and his work.

Dustin has not only helped me with the visual aspects of my music distribution and marketing, but he has also become my best friend and closest adviser. He talks me through ideas I have and helps me focus on details because I tend to just see the big picture. If there is a night where I am not talking to Dustin about my next goofy plan (and there are a lot of them), it is because I fell asleep staying up too late talking to Dustin the night before.

Even though Dustin has a plethora of talent, he is extremely humble and kind, and I consider myself to be blessed to have Dustin in my life. His art has helped me convey ideas, but most importantly, his friendship has fueled, motivated, and supported me in music and in life.

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