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William Barton, Cellist at Large

With the upcoming release of my album, there are so many people that I need to acknowledge. There is an entire team of people behind me helping me, and I am extremely fortunate to have them in my life. Sometimes with all the hustle and bustle, we forget to thank those closest to us. One person I need to thank is my son, William Barton.

When I wrote "Dear Daddy", a cello was playing in my mind as I strummed on the guitar. The cello is an instrument that has such emotional range. It can reach the higher octaves and sound happy, but when it hits the mid and low octaves, it adds a more melancholy tone. When I hear a well executed cello part in a composition, I get that feeling one has right before crying whether it be for joy or sadness. This is the exact feeling I feel when I think about my dad. I feel intense sadness because I miss him, yet I still feel the warmth and love he gave me. He also gave this warmth and love to my son William Barton.

William started playing cello in the fourth grade, and he caught on rather quickly. By the time he was in the sixth grade, he was performing with the Gulf Coast Youth Symphony and various other ensembles along the Gulf Coast up until his graduation from high school. He is currently attending Mississippi State University, is part of a group called Philharmonia, and performs with the Starkville Symphony. With Will's musical ability and the fact that he was always a Grandpa's boy, he had to record cello on my album.

I am so grateful for William's help. Not only is Will a son of which I am proud, I am forever thankful to him for being a part of my album.

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