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Jon KT Lindley: Producer of Music, Wisdom, and Hope

I cannot write about just anybody. My blog is highly important to me, for it is the forum I use to uncover discoveries I have made on the road to self actualization; therefore, I only include people that I believe are helping mankind and show traits of approaching the higher self. I spend many hours reading about them, talking to them, and immersing myself in their art before I decide to take my time and write about them, but most importantly, I follow a voice inside me that tells me I need to write when I experience a person. One of those people is Jon KT Lindley.

Jon Lindley is a man that has had many challenges in his life, but despite those challenges, he has developed himself into a person that is in the position to help others. Helping others without expectation of returns is one of the most beautiful things one can do, and Jon uses what he has learned about the music industry through the years to aid many in understanding the complexities of production, distribution, and licensing. As one of the most vocal representatives of the International Singer Songwriter Association (ISSA), he has helped hundreds if not thousands of independent artists through the complicated processes involved in our daily lives.

My first experience with Jon was when I was listening to a song he wrote called "Missing Pieces" by a band called Colby Gray. At the time, I did not realize that Jon was in the band. It is a haunting tale about a man who creates families, and then suddenly abandons them for what he feels are greener pastures which do not exist. This idealism he has leads to his eventual suicide because it is a world he created in his own mind that will never live up to his expectations. The problem does not die with him, but the people he involved in his fantasy were left picking up the missing pieces to try to make sense of it all. This was a similar concept I tried to get across in "Your Future Ex-Wife", so it fascinated me. So many people, including my former self, focus so much on ideals that they forget to love with no expectations. Ultimately, this leads to repeating patterns that lead to hurt. I had no idea "Missing Pieces" was the story of Jon's father.

Lindley's father left his family when Jon was 2 years old. His childhood was filled with missing pieces left behind by his father. He would wake up everyday, look in the mirror, and see a face he did not recognize. This led him to many questions in his life not only about his parentage but his own self worth. As you can imagine, Jon's journey was not easy, but music provided Jon with an outlet.

Despite Jon's difficulties, he found happiness with music. At the age of eight, he would drag out his mother's Tupperware and play the drums to famous Motown songs using chopsticks. From there, he taught himself to play the keyboard, and eventually began to specialize in midi editing. Jon has now evolved into an award winning composer, producer, and arranger of music who has worked with countless independent musicians on multiple projects. One of his most notable partnerships is with Randall Griffith. Together they created a band called Colby Gray which provides an eclectic style of music that is very calming and pure. Jon is a very busy man with his projects, but he spends even more time providing assistance to the members of the ISSA. He has even started a podcast providing education and music industry business tips.

The music industry is filled with rejection, criticism, competition, lying, cheating, stealing, and egos, and in order to make money, it takes a lot of work. Jon does the best he can to inform independent artists of the dangers they face and the steps they can take to be heard, so he has become an activist for their rights and is an ISSA representative. There is rarely a day that goes by that I do not see Jon giving advice or posting an article in an effort to help other people.

Although Jon is an award winning songwriter and producer, he still struggles with not feeling good enough. The feeling of his father's rejection still haunts him; however, his struggles have made him an expressive and introspective artist with deep emotion. The challenges he has faced have given him strength to be a fighter and a champion for others. His struggles have given him empathy and wisdom. He gives hope to so many musicians on a daily basis who have lost the strength to climb the mountain of rejection messages, critics, and con artists by giving them the tools and advice they need to minimize their burden. Jon is a truly beautiful and altruistic person that has learned to channel his hardships into a way to help others, and the songwriting world is a better place because of him.

If you would like to learn more about Jon, here are some links that can provide more insight into this highly complex man:



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