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Jeff Alldredge, A True Talent

I see many videos by various musicians on singer/songwriter sites. Sometimes I get a chance to listen, and I am oftentimes pleased with what I hear. Though I may enjoy the song, it does not always evoke a physical response from me. On a rare occasion, I will hear a song that literally takes my breath away, makes tears well up in my eyes, and causes me to smile with no control. These songs speak to my soul. That is exactly what happened when I first listened to Jeff.

Like so many musicians I enjoy, he does not follow a specific formula, he says that his songs just "write themselves." His debut ep One Last Chance has some very heartfelt songs including a beautiful one about regret titled "One Last Chance" . When Jeff sent this song to me, I wiped the tears off of my cheeks before they reached my smiling lips. His Lyrics really have an impact on the listener; in addition, Jeff has so much command over his instrumentation that you almost know what he is saying without even saying it. It is almost as if the notes of his guitar are a foreign language that he is capable of translating fluently.

Jeff's ability to understand guitar so well can be equated to how long he has been playing. He started at age 13, put together a band at 15, and played live gigs and parties at 16. Though between the ages of 17-19 he collaborated on some songwriting, he did not write any solo songs until he age of 25. He has been heavily influenced by Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, John Prine, The Who, and Townes Van Zandt. His more modern influences include Jason Isbell, Amos Lee, Chris Stapleton, and Jackie Green, but there are probably many other people that have had an impact on his music.

His talent is not just limited to the guitar. Alldredge also plays the mandolin, the dobro, and the upright bass as well. In fact, all instruments on his new ep were played by him with the exception of the drums and the keys which were done by his producer, Ben Travis who also provided insightful tips on instrumentation and arrangement.

When on social media, I get excite d when Jeff posts something new. I know he is going to play something that is going to be genuine and pure. If you have not listened to Jeff, check out his website .

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