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Friend Song: 36C Push-Up

Friend song is about ,as the title suggests, friendship. After my divorce, I felt ugly, old, frumpy, and useless. The only friend I really had was my husband. I was vacillating back and forth between anger and depression. My co-workers were sympathetic to my plight and understanding, but one in particular went out of her way to help me heal.

This friend helped me stop wallowing in my own sorrow and supported me enough, so I could be myself again. She made me get up and go to the gym even though I was not always a willing participant. She would text me at night and in the morning, and I had someone I could talk to when needed. On top of that, we went shopping, and she helped me find clothes that were more flattering to me. She even tried to get me to buy a nice bra, but I refused to spend that much money. She, however, surprised me with the most beautiful bra I had ever owned for my 38th birthday.

I know a lot of people think a bra is just a functional item, but this bra reminds me of my friend that wanted to lift me up and make me feel beautiful and young again. "Friend Song" was a Christmas present to the woman that was trying to help me become whole again.

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