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Apocalyptic Folk: English Brown

The ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang suggests that every force in the universe has a complimentary energy. This is necessary in order to keep balance within the universe. Apocalyptic Folk is the Yang to my Yin in Hope Folk, and when I heard English Brown, the creator of Apocalyptic Folk, I knew there was something special about his sound and writing style.

English and I were raised similarly. He was raised without religion entirely, and I was encouraged by my dad to reach my own conclusions about the meaning behind the universe. Although we take different approaches towards the topics we write, we both write about coping with the harshness of reality and ultimately having hope. I asked English what he wanted people to learn from his music, and his answer was beautiful: "I guess I would say I hope there are a number of things I hope people come away with. I hope that this album helps people realize that life is all too short, that we are in control of our own destinies, and that we don't have to be molded into lifestyles that make us mechanical. I hope people come away with a sense of enlightenment and inspiration to do what they want to and to be who they want to be. Overall, I hope the songs help restore even just a glint of humanity and humility to society. I think any artist in a way makes their music in hopes people get to experience the best things in life and don't have to experience the horrors and sadness the writer has endured. I feel it's the fundamental idea behind inspiration."

Since English could not put faith "in a man in a cloud", he found strength reading George Orwell, Phillip K. Dick, Aldous Huxley, and similar authors which have influence his writing. English is skilled at playing the guitar, piano, bass,and drums which serve as a backing for his intensely deep lyrics. An example of his lyrics can be found in his song "Colorful" that discusses the topics of archetypes of love and lust, and the toxicity and purity of it all. Topics of this magnitude can be found in all his songs.

English Brown is working with drummer Shane Jenkins and Joe Atreides, a producer, bass player, and piano player, on his debut Apocolyptic Folk album, Cataclysm which is planned for release at the end of 2019. English is deeply artistic and philosophical. If you would like to give him a listen, here are some ways to contact or follow him.




Video to lost and found:

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