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Lance Turner: Another Pioneer of Hope Folk

With the internet, it is extraordinarily cool how you can make friends from other continents and be closer to them than people you encounter everyday, but sometimes you encounter people close to home that you would not otherwise meet without the internet. Tucked away in my neighboring state of Alabama, Dwells a man named Lance Turner that also does not like the confines of genre. Just like me, he really isn't sure how to answer the question I dread most, "What kind of music do you play?"

In my first blog, I discussed a genre called Hope Folk. It is a category I came up with to try to fit artists that did not really cleanly fit into one category. One thing Hope Folk has to have is well thought out lyrics. It has to have humor, heart, honesty, and/or hope in its lyrics. Lance Turner's music is filled with incredible heart.

Lance started playing the guitar when he was eight years old, and as soon as he figured out the chords, his poet's soul took over with lyrics. Lance really grew into the storytelling aspect of music. With an underlying influence of 90's rock, there will always be hints of Nirvana, Willie Nelson, and Jason Isbell in his writing. I was really drawn to Lance's song "Fake Smiles". It was something to which I could relate. It is about the smile we all put on to make it through the day even though we are dying inside.

Lance's first solo album Cafeteria Banter was released earlier this year, and he has just released his latest EP What's that Noise. He is also in the process of producing another album set for release in 2019.

Lance is part of my Hope Folk family. He has heart, courage, and loads of talent. Give him a listen on all major digital platforms.

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