Independent Musicians I Love: The Happy Pill Academy

"Birds of a feather flock together," has been an English proverb for centuries and still holds true today especially in the music industry. You are all funneled by a door that only lets a few people in at a time. While waiting outside this door, you talk to people. That is how I met Matt Ibbs. I listened his song, "I'm Not Cross, I'm Cross Dressing" on Spotify. I immediately became a huge fan and wanted to learn all I could about him. He has since become my brother from another mother because not only is he insanely talented, but he is extremely humble and personable.

Matt's style is very reminiscent of grunge music, but he has a fun light-hearted edge. He calls it "Nostalgic 90's Rock." Heavily influenced by R.E.M., Matt learned to sing by listening to Michael Stipe. Though his music is like an homage to the nineties, he is also influenced by modern indie artists which puts a unique twist on his material and makes him stand out in a crowd. He interweaves humor and sincerity in his work which in my opinion makes him a well rounded songwriter. Matt does not think he is a real songwriter though. When I asked about his songwriting, Matt gave me this response:

"I'm not sure I have started writing yet. I usually just cobble together things that sound mostly OK and go from there. I'm a true believer in fake it til you make it. I was in bands years ago and writing came along with that - watching the other band members come up with material and joining in - usually writing lyrics, but then I started to have input and come up with ideas for tunes. And at that time, I had a great set of friends to copy from and work with. Nowadays it's just me in my room trying not to sound too repetitive!"

Matt is clearly a man that does not give himself enough credit. He has become a champion for independent musicians. Of course, he promotes his music, but he works even harder promoting the music of other independent musicians. Matt says, "I do my best to help / support and promote other acts, but it's always an uphill struggle to get your voice heard in this marketplace due to the sheer level of talent about."

Matt Ibbs is a standout artist and a very amiable person. You can find him on any of the major social media outlets by searching The Happy Pill Academy. You are going to want to follow him. He makes me laugh all the time with some of his posts. He has a new EP out at the moment, ...And Then to Black which can be purchased on Bandcamp.

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