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Upcoming Independent Musicians I Love Blog Series

Deciding to become a musician is almost like making the choice to start high school all over again. Most people ignore you because they are too involved in themselves and worried what everyone else thinks to even acknowledge your existence. Instead of adolescent ego-centrism, I call it musician ego-centrism. Sometimes you get attention, but it is by the few jerks that enjoy cutting you down. In addition, due to a lack of sales and plays, if you get any, you feel like a loser that nobody likes, and you worry about pimples and bad hair on picture or video shoot day. Fortunately, in high school, a lot of people find a group of friends that they can depend on for support, and I am lucky to have a group of musicians that are my friends regardless of how popular or unpopular I am. In the coming weeks please stay tuned, I will be writing a series blogs about their music and what makes them unique.

With peace, love, hope, and unicorns,

Holly Nicole Combs

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