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Matt Griffith, "The Renaissance Matt"

If you do not know me personally, I have a confession to make; I am a mess. Because of this, my song writing methods are a little unconventional. I never took a songwriting class, watched YouTube videos on songwriting, or even performed a search on the matter. I simply pick up my guitar and strum until I find some sounds I like. Oftentimes, I am not even sure the name of the chords I use. I am purely listening for what is pleasing for my ear. I thought my little songs had no hope for great guitar sounds until I met a man named Matt Griffith.

I went to Nashville and recorded two singles, and My producer, Ben Travis, suggested that I record the rest of my bathroom anthology and make an album. I was not sure that the general population would enjoy listening to me clumsily fumble on a six string, so he suggested I used Matt to record the guitar tracks on my album. I decided to go for it, and I am so lucky to have had him play for me.

When Matt came to the studio, he already knew my songs and listened to my vision for them. He took the musical picture I tried to illustrate for him and made it into a work of art. He came in with his guns a blazing, but ,instead of having bullets, he was well equipped with perfect pitch, scientific knowledge about music, and a special power that helps keep everyone on rhythm. When we finished in the studio that day, I realized how the general public in comic books probably felt after meeting Superman. I was compelled to find his work and see him perform.

My cousin Leanne and I headed down to Broadway in Nashville to hear him perform live, and we were awestruck. I started streaming his material when I arrived back home, and I realized how lucky I was to have worked with him. This man, in my eyes, deserves an award for country music. His lyrics are clever, and his music is so good it will make you cry.

Leonardo da Vinci was called a "Renaissance man" because he was talented in art and science. Matt's knowledge of the guitar and music is very technical and scientific, and oftentimes, I cannot connect to music because someone is too technical. Matt, however, maintains the emotion and mood of the song. That was the important part to me. He added technical integrity to my music without losing the emotion behind it. I am calling him "Renaissance Matt" because like da Vinci, He is a man of art and science.

You can find Matt's music on Reverbnation or catch him any given night playing on Broadway in Nashville. I suggest you check him out. Here is a link to my favorite song, "Fall in Nashville"

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