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Coming May 12, 2023

Narcissist with a Cause

The Story Behind the Album

The story of Narcissus:
Being very attractive, a multitude of people gave their heart to Narcissus. In return, they received disinterest. He pushed people away and did not want to be bothered. Echo tried to love Narcissus, but his rejection made her nothing but a mere echo of sound in the woods for the remainder of her life. As a result, Nemesis (the goddess of retribution) led him to his reflection in a pool of water. He was immediately in love but soon learned it was just his reflection which could never return his feelings and killed himself.

My album Narcissist with a Cause is about how we pour so much of ourselves into our careers, image, materialistic pursuits, and on-line personas. All of us have to have a bit of Narcissism for self preservation; however, where is the line drawn? People have to constantly work to make money. People need an online image to be heard. People need expensive electronic items to communicate, and when people actually pay attention, whoever they listen to better have something to say that is pertinent. Could our technology driven society be turning us all into narcissistic individuals? If we have a cause, is it narcissistic?
All of the things we are chasing will never return our love.